Mission & Vision

In simple words, we are actually sellers and we will work as per need or demand of purchasers, nothing else. Besides selling house/flat, a real estate company or an individual wants good price and a good quality purchaser. On the other hand, besides correct price, safe and quality are very important to a purchaser for meeting his accommodation needs. We actually work with these aspects.

Property agency business is not new a concept. Even it has been started in Bangladesh privately or institutionally. But lack of reliability and creativity is seen here. Our strategy is to include ‘reliability and creativity’ with our working style going beyond traditional custom. hbflat.com will be a distinct property agency in Bangladesh unlike other agencies.

I faced many experiences that seller can’t sale despite having need due to annoyance of local brokers, in contrast, purchasers can’t rely on those local brokers. Despite constructing quality flats, many real estate companies are getting looser in business due to their sales or marketing policy. Purchasers also can’t trust all companies and sometimes they are facing danger by purchasing flats without getting proper information of companies. We want to play role in this field. But it is not like traditional or normal quality.  After entering into agreement with flat owners or companies, if we don’t give expected feedback, then we will fall like other agencies. We strongly believe that hbflat.com can play vital role here.